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Warren Baseball & Softball INC or WBSI has been teaching children the fundamentals of Youth baseball and softball for over 40 years. For a quick answer to some frequently asked questions, see below:


Question: My child wants to play baseball or softball. Who do I contact?

Answer: The best place to start is to email the League at


Question: Where do they play?

Answer: Most Youth League games are at the Warren municipal comples at 4 Bardy Rd Warren, nj 07059. Which is located behind the Warren library & playground


Question: I called the Warren Recreation Dept. Why hasn’t anyone called me back?

Answer: Although we work closely with the town, The Rec. Dept. does not organize or run WBSI. WBSI is a non-profit organization that runs the Youth League and Senior League program in town and is entirely funded by donations and earnings made from fund-raising efforts.


Question: When does the season begin and end?

Answer: Sign-ups for the regular season begin the previous autumn. By the beginning of March we have completed evaluations for players(2nd grade and up) and players are assigned in March. Games do not begin until late March/early April. The regular season ends on Field Day which falls in mid-June.


Question: What age can my child start?

Answer: Youth League is available to children PRE-K to 12 yrs of age, and Senior League from 13 to 15 yrs old.


Question: I heard there was a waiting list. Will my kid be on the waiting list if they don’t have the best skills?

Answer: No, the waiting list is for players who did not sign-up on time. If your child signs-up on time  they will be placed on a team. We want every child who desires to play to have the chance to do so.


Question: I would like to help out but I don’t have the skills or time to coach. How can I help?

Answer: We need help in many areas, coaching is only one of them. You don’t need to throw a split-fingered fastball to pick up a rake and help with fields. Nor do you need expertise in baseball to help in the snack bar, team parenting, fund raising, safety, public relations, the end of year picnic, and many other functions that contribute to a great experience for our kids. Send us an email if you want to get involved.


Question: But I’m a very busy person. What if I don’t feel like helping? Can’t someone else take care of all that stuff?

Answer: At the very least, WBSI asks all parents to volunteer  for 2 hours. All of us who volunteer are extremely busy, but we make the time because we believe it benefits the children. We highly recommend you get involved. The more you do with WBSI, the more you see the joy that it brings to the children.


Question: I want my child to play on his best friend’s team. Can you arrange it so they are together?

Answer: No. The team that a child plays on is based on his ability and space available on the team roster.


Question: My child is obviously the best shortstop on his team. Why does the coach keep putting in these other kids who stink?

Answer: According to our league rules, every child must play a minimum amount of time in the field and at the plate. Just because a child is skilled in one area does not mean he should not learn and play other positions as well. By the way, many kids who start off with rudimentary skills become good ball players as they grow older. Please keep these negative opinions and comments away from the kids.


Question: The team manager hates me and won’t let my kid pitch. How do I switch to another team?

Answer: One cannot imagine why.... When disagreements arise between parents and coaches the primary recourse, if you feel your child is being treated unfairly, is to talk with your league commissioner.


Question: I spoke with my league commissioner  but I’m still miserable. What do I do now?

Answer: If you are still unhappy, the league has a designated Player Agent who will meet with you and the league commissioner to resolve the problem via an open, honest discussion.


Question: What is the Player and Parent’s Code of Conduct?

Answer: WBSI feels very strongly about a proper code of behavior for players, parents and everyone involved in in its program. The Code of Conduct outlines issues such as cheering for all children, refraining from foul language, and of course proper behavior by spectators and players. The State of NJ has passed laws suggesting that spectators exhibiting improper behavior may be removed from the playing premises. The League refuses to tolerate inappropriate behavior and will take action to stop it.


Question: How can I find out the rules for my kid’s level?

Answer: Local rules are posted in the the Snack shack and are also available on this website under the coaches corner  section.


Question: My team is supposed to play during my son’s Hip Hop recital. Why can’t you reschedule the game?

Answer: WBSI  teams play over 460 games in an 11 week season. We have game fields in constant use and we must share practice facilities with boys and girls lacrosse, boys and girls track, boys and girls traveling soccer and other recreation department activities. We have barely enough field space to take care of rainouts.


Question: The umpire made a terrible call at the last ballgame, my kid was safe and he was called out. Where do I protest the game?

Answer: WBSI does NOT allow appeals of an umpire’s judgement calls, whether you think they are good or bad. If an umpire needs clarification of a rule interpretation, then he will ask the league commissioner for help. Decisions are final and- good or bad -all players and fans must learn that calls do not always go the way they desire.


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